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Skin Equity Resources

for Dermatologists

With a shared goal to address disparities in dermatology and close the gap for patients with skin of color, Vaseline and HUED partnered to create a space to provide further educational resources for culturally inclusive practices in the healthcare setting.

This platform was designed to encourage consideration of strategies to positively and directly impact the health inequities faced by affected individuals and communities, and offer guidance on providing culturally competent care. Here, you'll find resources to support you in meeting the needs of and accurately guiding patients with skin of color, and raising awareness and understanding of different cultural, physical, and mental needs. The featured content is tailored for dermatologists, dermatology advanced care professionals and medical professionals treating patients with dermatologic concerns.

VisualDx Webinar

Important Principles in Dermatology Webinar

Expand your medical expertise and provide better patient care with this on-demand webinar from VisualDx and Vaseline. Learn about skin conditions in different patient populations, especially skin of color, to enhance your clinical skills and improve healthcare equity. Watch for a chance to receive a FREE 12-month VisualDX license.

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Watch a 2-part Dermatologist-Patient Interaction

Follow a dermatologist during a patient visit on a topic he is not very culturally aware of. How does his awareness affect the visit?

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Doctor and nurse speaking to a patient of color

Cultural Humility in Dermatology

Use this document as a guide to communicate socially and culturally with patients of different backgrounds as a step towards becoming culturally humble.

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Skin equity course on a laptop

HUED's Skin Equity & Inclusion Course

Take our online, self-paced, and interactive CE/CME accredited course to learn more about skin equity.

8 doctors of different racial backgrounds smiling

Underrepresentation in Dermatology

View the statistics that highlight the lack of diversity in dermatology and medical school in 2021 and 2022. Consider how these statistics influence disparities in dermatology.

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Close-up of skin of color

Skin Cancer

Part 1/3 of our Common Skin Disorder series focuses on Skin Cancers. Skin Cancer is the most common cancer in the United States. Both Melanoma and Non-Melanoma are highlighted here to offer additional understanding of the impact of this condition.

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Woman scratching her arm

Inflammatory Disorders

Part 2/3 of our Common Skin Disorder series focuses on Inflammatory Disorders. These disorders may appear difficult to see between different ethnic groups. Two inflammatory disorders are listed with factoids about each.

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Join our Dermatologist Directory!

Our directory highlights skin care professionals committed to cultural humility and skin equity. Join our directory today to connect with care seekers of color near you.

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Woman with vitiligo with her arms crossed

See My Skin

In an effort to eliminate the long-standing bias and exclusion of people of color in skin health, this platform was created so that people with Black and Brown skin could see themselves.

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Woman with vitiligo

Pigmentary Disorders

Part 3/3 of our Common Skin Disorder series focuses on Pigmentary Disorders. These disorders commonly affect darker skin tones, yet are often under diagnosed. Here, we list examples of pigmentary disorders that may go unnoticed.

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